How Casinos Use Technology to Ensure the Integrity of Their Games

The dazzling lights, throbbing music and joyful noise of casino slot machines create a manufactured euphoria that makes people feel at ease while they gamble. It’s part of the reason why casinos are so addictive even though every game has a built in house edge that will eventually make them lose money.

The main goal of a casino is to encourage patrons to spend more time gambling and take more risks. This will lead to a higher profit for the establishment. Casino designers consider many factors when deciding how to shape the environment to accomplish this, including audio, lighting and visual (AVL) media.

In the past, casinos were much less extravagant than they are today. But even the most modest gambling places still had to do a lot to attract patrons. Today, however, there are no limits on how elaborate a casino can be, and many casinos have a full range of amenities, including restaurants, hotels and spas.


Martin Scorsese’s film “Casino” is not only an epic crime drama, but also a fascinating history lesson about Vegas. It reveals how the mafia lost control of the desert city, and how huge gambling corporations took over. It also shows how the city continues to reinvent itself to keep up with the times.

Casinos use a wide variety of technology to help ensure the integrity of their games. For example, electronic systems in some tables allow casinos to monitor the amount of money placed on each bet minute by minute and warn them if there is a deviation from an expected average; video cameras can see through the walls and ceilings of a room to watch for suspicious activity; and specialized chips with microcircuitry can communicate with casino computers to verify the correct payout amounts.