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Pwn My I has partnered with to promote a new way for Internet buyers and sellers to get paid.


BIDernet Mission Statement

BIDernet's mission is to offer an online auction environment allowing its users to trade items in multiple categories and share in the financial growth of the company creating customer loyalty and retention.

Creating customer loyalty and retention is our primary goal. The unique BIDernet multi-tiered compensation structure is an unusually attractive marketing plan that will share up to 40 percent of the company revenues generated from the auction fees paid by users of the website. Unlike traditional network marketing companies, we charge no upfront fees to join our program, no sales skills are required, and everyone is a potential prospect.

BIDernet will be able to share its revenues with affiliate users because the word-of-mouth advertising generated by affiliates will offset expensive traditional methods of advertising such as television, radio, and print ads. There will also be local, regional and national events that will be held by BIDernet's founder to increase excitement and promote the company's public exposure.

BIDernet's goal is to build a solid foundation of users that will continue to use its service and refer others to use its service as well. This marketing method is financially beneficial to BIDernet and its users. The multi-tiered affiliate program gives users a reason to market the website because it pays them to do so. Thus, BIDernet's company slogan is, "Get Paid to Trade Online".

BIDernet's strategy also includes a pricing structure for all service fees that is less than eBay's current fee structure. Users who do not wish to participate in the affiliate program are not required to do so and may still utilize our site in the traditional sense, simply as a lower-priced alternative to eBay.